5 Unusual Items You Can Silkscreen Print Onto

Silkscreen printing is an effective and efficient way of printing the same design over and over again onto many different pieces of fabric.

This can include anything from t-shirts to tea cosies. As long as whatever you’re printing on is made of the right material, there’s no reason you cannot use it for screen printing.

Naturally, this makes screenprinting perfect for merchandise. Given how quirky some business merchandise can get, that means plenty of screen printed objects are what you would expect.

At Art2Silkscreen, we’ve certainly seen some unusual objects on our screen printing press. Here are the top five.


blank badges on wooden background.jpgIn the grand scheme of things, screen printing makes perfect sense for badges as a printing technique as you can print the same design en masse quickly and efficiently. 

This doesn’t have to include felt badges either, the kind you sew onto your jacket. They can the usual, standard plastic pin badge you can find almost anywhere.

hen you think about it further, screen printing is the ideal way to print any kind of badge. Not only can you print a lot of them simultaneously, but you can also personalise them. 

In short, badges may not be the first item you think of when it comes to printing using silkscreens, but it makes a lot of sense when you stop to think about it. 

pillow case.jpgPillow Cases

Another one that makes a lot of sense are pillowcases. How do you imagine a lot of those sofa cushions get their pinstripes and squiggly lines?

It’s all thanks to screen printing. Again, thanks to the nature of screen printing in general, it lends naturally to print multiple of these products simultaneously. 

And how else can you make your bedding feel more homely than by personalising your pillowcase? It sounds strange but with screen printing, this is totally possible. 

So next time you come to one of our screen printer workshops, why not bring a pillowcase? We bet you’ll have tons of fun choosing the right design for it. 

baseball caps in a pile.jpgBaseball Caps

You might believe, having watched our tutorial series, that screen printing onto baseball caps is rather tricky

However, they are also a surprisingly unusual yet surprisingly common piece of merchandise that is produced through screen printing.

If you’re a fan of a particular football team, you can screen print their logo onto it, or icons and references from your favourite TV shows and films.

The personalisation aspect also comes in handy. We all love caps that have awesome designs on them. So why would screen printing not be used?

table cloth.jpgTablecloths

Especially useful for businesses advertising themselves at conventions or conferences, screen printing onto tablecloths is a rarely considered form of screen printing but effective.

Choose the colours of your logo and print your design onto a white tablecloth, or do the reverse and print a white rendition of your logo onto a tablecloth the colour print of your logo. 

It’s not only businesses that do this, though! Many homeowners and designers tend to choose a single-colour design to print on their table clothe as a way of putting their staple on it.

The only thing with table clothes is that, because of their size, they tend to be trickier to print your design onto. But it is possible and definitely a great way to make it your own! 

reusable carrier bags.jpgCarrier Bags

By carrier bags, we don’t mean the plastic ones, but the reusable variety made of sustainable materials. Many of these bags are made of 100% cotton, making them ideal for silkscreen print. 

Not only can you personalise these as well, but you can also produce an appealing design for your bag, making sustainability more attractive. 

Reusable bags also come in many different colours, presenting many unique opportunities for you to come up with a cool design to print onto them. 

Again, this can be done for brand purposes of purely aesthetic reasons. That’s the beautiful thing about silkscreen printing  - it is always customisable. 

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