Screen Printing Waterbased Ink

Waterbased Inks

Waterbased Inks

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Waterbased Ink

At Art2Silkscreen we manufacture our own waterbased Ink for screen printing and a variety of other applications.

A multi-purpose air dry waterbased ink range that can be printed onto most textiles, fabrics, paper, board, card and wood and other porous surfaces.  Created by screen printers for screen printers! We know exactly what a waterbased ink should look and feel like on your shirt, we have specially formulated a wide range of inks which have maximum performance.  No chemical odours, our inks are perfect for use in any craft and workshop environment.

Standard Waterbased Inks - Ready mixed, ideal for printing onto light colours, includes Fluoros & CMYK.

Opaque Waterbased Inks - Ready mixed, ideal for printing onto dark and light colours.

Metallic & Pearl Waterbased Inks - Ready mixed, ideal for printing on dark and light colours.

Binders & Pigments - Mix and create your own colours using our standard and opaque binders with concentrated pigments.

Discharge Inks - A 2-Pack ink, activated by heat, ideal for 100% cotton fabric.

Glitter Inks - Ready mixed ink, Ideal for printing through low mesh counts.

Additives - Create special effects with our wide range of additives.